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Cultural Links. An Exploration of the English-Speaking World: Teacher's Book

Cultural Links. An Exploration of the English-Speaking World: Teacher's Book

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Издательство: CIDEB
Серия: Supplementary

Cultural Links explores and discovers the English-Speaking World and offers links through the British Isles across North America, India, Australia, New Zealand and more.
7 Files to discover the English-speaking World.
Cultural Links consists of 7 topics (files), dealing with the differences and similarities of the countries which are part of the English-speaking World.
Language: how much has the English language changed? How does English manage to create and keep a common link among far-off countries and people of the world?
Identity: what does English national identity mean to English-speaking countries in an ever increasing multi-ethnic and multicultural world?
Countries and Places: geographical, socio-economical and cultural passport of English-speaking countries.
Flashback: the main historical events of English-speaking countries, from the Industrial Revolution to the Great Depression to the difficult Irish Question and many more.
People and Lifestyle: contemporary issues such as family and how it is changing, fashion, sport, social networking.
Education: traditional and contemporary British Education, characteristics of north-American schools, school programmes like Erasmus and much more.
Institutions: an overview of the English-speaking World institutions, interactions with the European Union and the important world organisations.

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