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English in Motion 4. Student's Book

English in Motion 4. Student's Book

Автор/составитель: Campbell Robert
Издательство: Richmond

A dynamic four-level course, which thoroughly integrates practice of the four skills with work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Language is presented through interesting topics and themes. This is followed by practice, which begins with meaningful controlled exercises and gradually develops into freer, personalized activities. Students are provided with clear speaking and writing 'models' to give extra guidance for producing their own work. Language for everyday situations is presented and practised in the special English You Need section. Students are provided with a variety of material to consolidate what they have learnt and practised in the classroom - a Workbook, a Student's Multi-ROM and a Website. The Workbook also comes with a Portfolio, in which students record their progress and compile a portfolio of their work. Songs from a variety of genres are used to motivate students and a DVD links with the course themes, giving students the chance to see real teenagers talk about their lives. Diversification in the classroom is catered for by a wide selection of resource material at three levels of difficulty - an All in One Teacher's Book, Tests and a Student's Multi-ROM. The Teacher's Book also includes suggestions on how to adapt the material in the Student's Book to suit individual needs.

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