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New Framework 3. Workbook

New Framework 3. Workbook

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Автор/составитель: Goldstein Ben
Издательство: Richmond

Framework is a fresh, innovative and comprehensive course for young adults and adults learning English at school or in private language classes. Its easy-to-use methodology is based on engaging topics with a modern perspective, an inductive approach to grammar, constant re-cycling of vocabulary, thorough coverage of pronunciation, and a carefully structured writing syllabus. It promotes oral communication with a 'real English' focus through personalisation and discussion.
Framework has been independently assessed and benchmarked to the Common European Framework by specialists at the Testing and Evaluation Research Unit of the University of Reading. This provides an added guarantee that users will achieve a given level of linguistic competence by the end of the course.
Framework has been tested by hundreds of teachers and students in different situations, and it incorporates the latest teaching and learning techniques which really work in the classroom.
Framework offers:
Appealing topics and authentic communicative tasks which reflect real-world situations.
High frequency vocabulary and expressions exemplified by 'The Real Thing' feature.
Inductive approach to grammar with meaningful practice of new and recycled structures.
Integrated 'World English' DVD showing real people's lives and providing stimulating cross-cultural comparison.
Emphasis on learner autonomy throughout all levels, as well as a CD-Rom featuring interactive skills work, self-assessment progress tests and monolingual dictionary.

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