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Brad Pitt: The Rise to Stardom

Brad Pitt: The Rise to Stardom

Автор/составитель: Robb B. J.
Издательство: Phaidon Press

Ever since his brief but stunning performance as a thief in Thelma and Louise, Brad Pitt was destined to become one of Hollywood's major stars of the 1990s. Following the huge success of his roles in Legends Of The Fall and Interview With The Vampire, this status has been confirmed by the controversial films Seven, Sleepers and The Devil's Own. It is not only as an actor that Brad Pitt is hugely in demand: his good looks have been compared to those of Robert Redford, and People Magazine voted him 'The Sexiest Man Alive'.
This intimate biography looks behind Pitt's glamorous image and discovers the truth behind his strict upbringing, his relationships and how Pitt himself has come to terms with his sudden rise to fame. It has been updated to examine the scandal and revelations surrounding his breakup with Gwyneth Paltrow just months after they had been dubbed Hollywood's 'golden couple'.
Brad Pitt also details the acting career of a man who has starred in roles as diverse as the scene-stealing stoner in Tarantino's True Romance, the undead Louis in Interview With The Vampire, the romantic lead in Legends Of The Fall, an idealistic rookie cop in the blockbuster Seven, and the disturbed son of a scientist in the Oscar-nominated Twelve Monkeys.
Brian Robb, a film journalist and writer from Edinburgh, is author of the highly acclaimed River Phoenix: A Short Life, Johnny Depp: A Modern Rebel, and The Leonardo DiCaprio Album, all published by Plexus.

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