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Carnaval In Rio + 4 CD

Carnaval In Rio + 4 CD

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Автор/составитель: George Terry
Издательство: Edel

This title presents a book and 4 CDs. The photographs are by Terry George. During Carnival, Rio de Janeiro shuts down and throws itself into the world's most famous party in honour of unbridled hedonism and the rhythm of Samba. If you can't experience the legendary parade in Rio's Sambadrome or want to refresh memories of the excessive party memories of the excessive party atmosphere, this is the book for you. Wonderful sensuous photography, paired with pure samba, allows you to be a part of the Brazilian lust for life and takes you away to one of the hottest shows on earth. The CDs depict the grand diversity of samba from Rio, featuring stars such as Dudu Tuicci.

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