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Elvis: The Early Years + 3 CD

Elvis: The Early Years + 3 CD

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Автор/составитель: Wertheimer Alfred
Издательство: Edel

The earBOOK "Elvis - The Early Years" is a collaboration with the Elvis Presley Estate (Graceland) and presents an exclusive selection of Wertheimers photographs of Elvis from 1956 -- 1958. The book, accompanied by 3 Music CDs, contains 53 Elvis songs from that time. First recordng sessions at the RCA-Studios, a breakthrough for rock and roll identification figure, chart success, acting career - these were the years 1954 - 1959 and undoubtedly the most important time for the King of Rock'n'Roll. During this time Elvis was often accompanied by the famous photographer Alfred Wertheimer, who had unrestricted access to the King's life. The images are extraordinary - inartificial, spontaneous, and in the meanwhile as famous as artist and photographer himself.

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