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Time to Plant: Southern-Style Garden Living

Time to Plant: Southern-Style Garden Living

Издательство: GibbsSmith

“To everything there is a season…a time to plant, and a time to harvest.” A Time To Plant will guide you through the seasons in your garden, letting you harvest your own vegetables and accent them with bouquets of flowers you have arranged. Scrumptious recipes and menus are sprinkled through the book with photographs to die for. I almost licked the page with the carrot cake picture!
Here is just one example of an Autumn highlight:
There is a menu of roasted pork loin with delicious sides, one being a sweet potato soufflé.
The recipe and directions are given on one page and the following pages are gorgeous flowers, vegetable displays and fall arrangements. I felt I was there walking through a garden and preparing for a fantastic meal.
Another helpful example: One of my favorite flowers, the hydrangea, is showcased with pictures, descriptions of cultivars, tips to change the colors, methods to arrange them and how to dry them. I have never been able to successfully dry hydrangeas and discovered in the script that I should have let them dry on the plant.

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