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Imago Mundi

Imago Mundi

Авторы/составители: Diaz Sonia, Martinez Gabriel
Издательство: Prestel

Imago Mundi aims to show the world through the unique perspective of the author, who expresses his personal perception of the world through pictograms, ideograms, logos, symbols and signs. This book is an instrument of communication and representation, through which we discover a creative interpretation of the world as seen through abstract signs pictographic textures and repeated designs. These graphic signs and symbols serve to express concepts, ideas objects, places and events of a universal significance, which transcend all cultural barriers. Imago Mundi features images of the everyday, visual representations of daily experiences, which show the author's subjective vision of the world surrounding him and includes more than 1350 pictograms ideograms logos and symbols designed by LSD space.

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