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New Proficiency Testbuilder with Key

New Proficiency Testbuilder with Key

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Автор/составитель: Harrison Mark
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

Another title in this popular series of 'Tests that teach', designed to help improve students' exam performance and increase language competence at Proficiency level. Task types familiarise students with the tasks they will face in the exam, further practice and guidance pages build confidence in answering them and an expanded answer key gives clear explanations as to why the given answer is correct. It can be used in the classroom or for self-study. Fully Revised for the Cambridge ESOL Proficiency 2013 exam. Experienced author. Further practice and guidance pages develop confidence in each part of the exam paper. Fully comprehensive. Key and explanation section gives extra information on the right choice of answer. New option available to include website access to Macmillan Practice Online (MPO).

3 000 руб.
в наличии 2 шт.
планируемая дата доставки: 22.04.2019 (Пн.)
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