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Practice Tests for IELTS

Practice Tests for IELTS

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers
Серия: Exams

Prepare yourself thoroughly for the IELTS exam By using Practice Tests for IELTS, you will:
- Feel completely confident about how the IELTS exam works;
- Know what to expect on the day of the exam;
- Improve your score through realistic practice All you need for your ideal IELTS score:
- Four complete Academic IELTS tests;
- PLUS Two complete General Reading and Writing papers;
- A clear guide to how the IELTS exam works;
- A whole section full of useful tips on how to do well in the exam;
- A CD (+ transcript) with accurate model Speaking and Listening papers;
- Answers and explanations for all four papers (including model answers for Speaking and Writing). You can trust Collins COBUILD Practice Tests for IELTS contains a mini-dictionary with definitions based on COBUILD content. The 4.5-billion-word Collins Corpus is the world's largest database of the English language. It is updated every month and has been at the heart of Collins COBUILD for over 20 years.

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