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Teach Yourself Nazi Germany

Teach Yourself Nazi Germany

Автор/составитель: Lynch Michael
Издательство: Hodder&Stoughton
Серия: Teach Yourself History

The Teach Yourself History series offers an alternative to academic historical books, its content being extensive yet extremely accessible and the approach refreshingly different. The books are informative and compelling, and engage the reader from beginning to end. They assume no prior historical knowledge, and are full of anecdotes and details that provide a very personal appeal. Teach Yourself Nazi Germany is an accessible introduction to one of the most controversial periods in modern history. It looks at the wider picture surrounding it, from the creation of the German nation to Hitler's rise to power and his motives. Before destroying himself and his nation in a bitter world war, the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, was adored by the mass of the German people. This book attempts to explain this paradox by involving the reader in the remarkable story of the Third Reich and in the controversies that still surround it. The engaging narrative looks at many different aspects, including the economy and working conditions, the structure of the country (politics, society, culture), Hitler's instruments of terror, treatment of Jews, the role and treatment of women, concentration camps, and, of course, Germany in the Second World War.

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