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Авторы/составители: Lemains Vincent, Bonnet Antonin
Издательство: Scriptum Editions

In the middle of the twentieth century, Pierre Des Fontaines, cousin of Louis Ernest Laduree, created the first Laduree macaron by having the genius to stick two macaron biscuits together and fill them with a flavourful ganache they are still prepared the same way today. Every season Laduree celebrates this little round delicacy crunchy on the outside and soft inside, a perfect balance of aromas and textures by creating new flavours. Each year the palette of flavours and colours grows, from the classic chocolate or raspberry to celebratory macarons; unique flavours inspired by exotic destinations, fashion designers, perfumes and so on. This book presents, for the first time, all of the eighty Laduree macarons, their flavours and inspirations and, of course, all of the recipes on how to make them at home including a practical, step-by-step section illustrating exactly how Ladurees chefs make the famous biscuits and the ganache fillings, so you can be assured of success.

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