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New York

New York

Авторы/составители: Jeff Chein-Hsing Liao, Corcoran Sean, Davidson Justin
Издательство: Aperture

With painstaking care and the use of multiple exposures, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao crafts each of his images with technological precision. Shooting primarily with a large-format film camera, then scanning and digitally editing the negatives, Liao creates enormous, detail-driven panoramas of the social and urban landscape of New York. This oversized monograph includes photographs taken over the last ten years. From rehabilitated Coney Island to the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, from the demise of Shea Stadium in Queens to the newly rebuilt World Trade Center, Liao has created a lasting document of a significant period of trans for - mation in New Yorks skyline and social fabric. His unique perspective on New York is both personal and hyper real, managing to capture both the lasting charm of the citys well-known landmarks as well as the moment when New York entered the twenty-first century.

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