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Think Happy, be Happy

Think Happy, be Happy

Издательство: Workman

The gift of art, the gift of inspiration, the gift of joy. This dynamic illustrated book is brimming over with encouragement and wisdom and delivered with a fresh, modern twist. Pairing quotes with original graphic art that brings the words to life, Think Happy, Be Happy is a gallery of beauty and cheer inspired by the letterpress and screenprint art that s hot on Etsy and pinned and re-pinned by Pinterest s millions of fans.The artwork is by more than twenty popular illustrators and designers, who transform simple but smart mottoes from the contemplative Find beauty in rain to the upbeat I make my own sunshine! to the empowering Don t shush your inner voice. It s who you are to the joyful Live every day like it s your birthday into bold and visually dynamic statements. This book is a delightful pick-me-up that can be read over and over again and bring comfort and affirmation every time.Paired randomly throughout is unexpected, complementary text themed play-lists, top-ten lists, and simple recipes. Because what s better to lift the spirits than a Watermelon Mint Ice Pop?

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