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The Caporali Missal

The Caporali Missal

Автор/составитель: Stephen N. Fliegel
Издательство: Prestel

The Caporali Missal, a sumptuous and important illuminated Renaissance missal - or service book for the priest at the altar - was created by the Caporali brothers for the Franciscan community in the hillside town of Montone, near Perugia, in 1469. This exhibition catalogue celebrates this important manuscript, recently acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art, with exquisite reproductions that bring the illuminated pages to life. Additional works by the Caporali brothers and relevant works from Cleveland's collection elucidate the history, style, content, function, and authorship of the missal. Illustrations of a chalice and paten, a chasuble, and a processional cross, enhance the religious and aesthetic context of the manuscript. In addition, a series of essays by eminent scholars will examine the influence of Florentine artists on the Caporali brothers and explore the spiritual life of the Franciscan community and the history of the monastery at Montone.

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