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Pictures That Mark Can Do

Pictures That Mark Can Do

Автор/составитель: Bailey David
Издательство: Thames&Hudson

Mark is good natured. He finds the best in most things. To explain more would be too much. These are just pictures that Mark can do. David Bailey may be a master of the medium, but he also readily accepts that photography is technologically driven. The snapshot is a part of our visual culture and many photographs have been taken millions and millions of times, with just slight variations, such as the identity of the people in a family portrait. Bailey also takes such snaps, images that are imbued with a sense of ease and freedom and yet, which, in his hands usually carry much greater weight and significance. In compiling this work, he considered that the photographs appear so easy that even Mark, his assistant, could make them and the quip became the title of this, his latest book.

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