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Really Learn 100 More Phrasal Verbs

Really Learn 100 More Phrasal Verbs

Издательство: Oxford University Press

Six steps to success:
- Study examples of each verb as it`s really used;
- Check the meaning and the grammar;
- Practise using each verb in the exercises;
- Build your vocabulary with related words, synonyms and opposites;
- Revise and test yourself with the Review Pages;
- Get it right - check the Reference Key for answers, meanings and extra grammar tips.
This book covers a further 100 of the most frequent and useful phrasal verbs in English.
Each verb is presented on a single page, with examples and exercises that are designed to show the meaning and the situations in which it is most commonly used. Although some of the verbs may have other meanings, only the most important meanings for everyday English have been included. Each page can be studied on its own, so you can look at the verbs in any order, but the exercises on each page should be worked through in the order they are written.

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