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Pacesetter Intermediate. Workbook

Pacesetter Intermediate. Workbook

Авторы/составители: Strange Derek, Hall Diane
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Pacesetter
Входит в УМК : Pacesetter Intermediate

This intermediate workbook forms part of a four-level course that takes teenage students of English as a foreign language, from beginner to intermediate level. Each level contains 15 teaching units and three consolidation units. Pacesetter is designed for mid-teen students who are highly-motivated and academic. The content is challenging and the language teaching moves at a quick pace. Features of Pacesetter include: a clearly signposted grammar syllabus; motivating topics which draw on students' own experiences and develop their interest in the world around them; integrated skills work; a photostory at beginner and elementary level which incorporates informal language: at the higher levels three short stories encourage reading skills; practical review sections at the end of each unit and three consolidation units to provide appropriate levels of revision; three guided projects which provide opportunities for more substantial and personal pieces of work. This book is intended for teenage students of English as a foreign language.

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