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Scholastic Learning Express Level 3: Reading Skills

Scholastic Learning Express Level 3: Reading Skills

Издательство: Scholastic
Серия: Scholastic Learning Express

Great for parents! Fun and colorful workbooks filled with teacher-approved activities that are perfect for independent practice at home or enrichment programs.
Activity books come with:
• Fun and colorful pages to make learning exciting
• Quick assessment tests to ensure the child’s mastery of each topic
• Motivational stickers to encourage and reward the child
• Completion certificate to provide the child with a sense of accomplishment
Skills Include:
• Using contextual clues
• Identifying main ideas and details
• Making predictions
• Sequencing
• Classifying, comparing and contrasting
• Identifying fact or opinion... дальше »
• Identifying cause and effect
• Drawing conclusions
• Summarizing For use with Grade 3.
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