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Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish

Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish

Автор/составитель: Harry Rebecca
Издательство: Nosy Crow

One snowy Christmas Eve, a small bunny goes in search of Santa to ask him to make her Christmas wish come true. She packs everything she might need for the journey and leaves her cosy burrow and sets out through the snow on her quest. On the way, she meets many other animals all in need of a little help - which she gladly offers - and in the offering makes her own wish come true! "Snow Bunny lived all by herself deep in the wintery forest. She was happy in many, many ways but there was one thing she wished for more than anything. So, on Christmas Eve, Snow Bunny decided to ask Santa to make her wish come true. Dear Santa, - she wrote in her best handwriting - For Christmas, please may I have a friend? This is the only present I truly want. Thank you. S.B"

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