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Engineering Project Management for the Global High Technology Industry

Engineering Project Management for the Global High Technology Industry

Автор/составитель: Sammy G. Shina
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

This unique, one-stop resource covers engineering project management topics, tools, and techniques in a logical sequence with real-world industrial examples. Engineering Project Management provides a high-level engineering analysis of key issues in the justification, development, and successful deployment of high-tech engineering products. The book assembles all of the pertinent information a project manager in the high-tech industry will need to fully manage the design of products to meet specification; deliver projects on time and on budget; and achieve targeted profit for the product lifecycle. This practical guide fully explains the factors behind successful deployment of electronics projects, using real-world examples from the author's large library of extensive consulting, teaching and expert witness cases to allow you to navigate the many issues involved in successful engineering project management. Extensive coverage of the justifications for make or buy decisions-a critical topic for overseas suppliers. The role of technology development and legal issues, including coverage of intellectual property (IP) and preventing future lawsuits Comparison of different industries: regulated industries (military, aerospace, medical), fast-acting industries (telecommunications, computers), and more traditional industries (industrial equipment) Addresses differences of products built to specifications vs. products build for the marketplace.

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