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Artists' Houses

Artists' Houses

Авторы/составители: Gerard-Georges Lemaire, Walter Marc, Henri-Frederic Amiel, Jean-Claude Amiel
Издательство: Vendom press

The homes of some of the world's most celebrated artists are featured in this eye-catching lavishly illustrated volume. From Frederic Church's Moorish castle on the Hudson River to Claude Monet's charming house and garden at Giverny in the French countryside to Giorgio de Chirico's sophisticated Roman apartment, this book reveals each artist's tastes and fashionable flair.
Artists' Houses is a close-up look at the intimate hideaways that 15 great European and American artists created for themselves, filling them with the art, furnishings and books they cherished. Each house bears the unmistakable imprint of its owner: Alphonse Mucha's sitting room is awash in Belle Epoque furnishings and his own Art Nouveau posters. The parlor of Rosa Bonheur, known for her startling paintings of animals, contains her canvases along with taxidermic birds, mounted deer antlers, and plaster casts of animal legs. William Morris's Kelmscott Manor, considered an example of true craftsmanship, still retains the carpets, furnishings, and wallpapers he designed, as well as work by many of his fellow artists. The beautiful, private worlds revealed in Artists' Houses will captivate all those interested in interior design and the lives of our most renowned artists.

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