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Scenario Planning Handbook. Developing Strategies in Uncertain Times

Scenario Planning Handbook. Developing Strategies in Uncertain Times

Авторы/составители: Ralston William, Wilson Ian
Издательство: Heinle/Cengage Learn

The newest technique for strategic planning and execution, scenario planning is the only technique that takes into account the many uncertainties that are the reality of today's world. The central theme of Scenario Planning Handbook is that this uncertainty and discontinuous change characterizing the marketplace make it mandatory that companies change the way they think about and plan for the future. Scenario-based strategy both confronts and deals with uncertainty and leads to a strategy that is focused but resilient, specific but flexible. Extremely practical, this detailed handbook for developing and using scenarios guides readers step by step through the sequence and intricacies of a scenario project. It explains what scenarios are and are not, why they are needed, as well as their uses and benefits. It also deals with cultural and organizational changes that an organization must undertake to maximize the benefits of scenario-based planning. This resourceful handbook is an excellent resource for CEOs, COOs, and general managers responsible for long-term strategy development.

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