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100 Wonders of the Far East

100 Wonders of the Far East

Издательство: Пресс Код

This publication is full of author photos of unique objects of the Russian Far East - a territory inhabited by many small nations with distinctive culture, region, where industrial production is concentrated and significant part of the natural resources is mined, where ecosystems preserve their virginity necessary for the existence of many rare plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Russia.
The book contains the works of famous wildlife photographers: Alexey Bezrukov, Sergey Gorshkov, Andrian Kolotilin, Nickolay Zinovyev, Igor Shpilenok and many others. The publication is full of infographics and background information on the most significant and interesting "wonders" of the Russian Far East.

The publication is intended for anyone interested in the life of the Far Eastern regions, people who appreciate the history and culture of small nations, aware of the importance of preservation of rare plants and animals.

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