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Mad Men Carousel. The Complete Critical Companion

Mad Men Carousel. The Complete Critical Companion

Авторы/составители: Matt Zoller Seitz, Dalton Max
Издательство: Abrams

Mad Men Carousel, authored by Abrams' bestselling author Matt Zoller Seitz, will gather all of Seitz's widely read (and discussed) Mad Men essays in a single volume. Rather than simply recalling the plot through lengthy summary, Seitz's essays dig deep into the show's themes, performances and filmmaking, with the tone and spirit of accessible, but serious, film or literary criticism. This novel-sized volume will be designed to have a 1970s feel and will be broken into seven sections, one for each season. Max Dalton, who created original illustrations for both of Seitz's Wes Anderson books, will illustrate each section with tasteful line drawings; novelist Megan Abbott will contribute an original introduction. This book will be the go-to guide for current fans who want to relive the Mad Men experience from a critical and thoughtful lens, or for new fans who want to binge their way through one of the most popular TV shows in recent memory, with critical essays to accompany their viewing experience.

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