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The Road to Ever After

The Road to Ever After

Автор/составитель: Young Moira
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

When orphan boy Davy and his stray dog George are driven out of their home in the lead up to Christmas, they are forced to take shelter in a boarded-up old museum on the outskirts of town. It is here they meet Miss Flint, and where their adventure really begins.
Miss Flint is dying and demands to be taken back to her family home, where a coffin with her name on it awaits. She offers Davy payment to be her 'chauffeur' and so begins their journey, stealing cars, pulling tricks and avoiding the police at every turn. But all the time, Miss Flint seems to be regaining her youth, rolling back the years one decade at a time...
The Road to Ever After, is a charming, magical Christmas story from Moira Young, author of the bestselling Dustlands trilogy, and is sure to enchant everyone who reads it.

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