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Bravo! 6 Pupil's Book

Bravo! 6 Pupil's Book

Автор/составитель: Judy West
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

Bravo! is an exciting course for children who are learning English. It is suitable for complete beginners as well as children who have done an introductory or pre-school course. Extensive research and piloting ensure that the materials are ideal for the language classroom and appropriate for different cultural backgrounds.
Key Features:
• Bravo! has cross-curricular activities which reflect what the children are learning in other subject areas, such as geography, maths and science.
• Bravo! has a variety of motivating topics that reflect the growing maturity of the child.
• Bravo! develops the children's vocabulary and gives practice in all four skills.
• Bravo! has task-based activities and exercises which provide a meaningful context for spoken communication.
• Bravo! is based on a carefully-graded structural and lexical syllabus. There are regular revision lessons which are used to mark the pupil's progress throughout the course.
Bravo! 6 consists of Pupil's Book, Activity Book, Teacher's Book, Cassettes.

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