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In Company Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book

In Company Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book

Автор/составитель: Gomm Helena
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

In Company Pre-intermediate is a practical course in how to do business in English. With target language selectively introduced on a need-to-know basis, each unit is a fast track to competence in a particular business skill. Recognising that people need more than just phrase lists and useful language boxes to operate effectively in real-life business situations, each unit provides a substantial amount of guided skills work to give students the chance to fully assimilate the target language and 'make it their own', before going on to tackle fluency activities. Topics and skills developed at this level include:
• describing your work and company.
• using the telephone.
• discussing pros and cons.
• making comparisons.
• telling anecdotes.
• writing e-mails and reports.
• obtaining and giving information.
• dealing with social situations.
• making requests.
• discussing consequences.
• making plans.

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