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Inspiration 3 Student's Book

Inspiration 3 Student's Book

Автор/составитель: Prowse P.
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

Inspiration is a motivating four-level course designed to take teenagers from beginner to intermediate level.
The course inspires students to learn and provides the teacher with everything needed for successful lessons. It appeals to the modern teenager through imaginative and exciting topics, introduces up-to-date language and expressions, increases confidence through learner independence activities, offers regular opportunities for revision and self-assessment, and caters for different learning styles.
The cross-curricular contexts of Inspiration provide a wide range of entertaining and contemporary materials to engage students' interest and help to build receptive and productive vocabulary.
Each level provides 90-120 hours of teaching materials. The Workbook supports the SB and provides extra grammar materials as well as consolidation and extension exercises. Inspiration Builder, the teacher's resource pack offers a wide variety of additional activities including games, puzzles and fiction texts for extensive reading.

Grammar and Vocabulary resource packs for each level are under development to offer more support for teachers and students.

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