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Paragraph Writing Teacher's Guide: From Sentence to Paragraph

Paragraph Writing Teacher's Guide: From Sentence to Paragraph

Авторы/составители: Dorothy E. Zemach, Carlos Islam
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

Paragraph Writing takes students from sentence formation to paragraph writing through a process approach. This not only develops students’ paragraph writing skills, but also encourages them to become independent and creative writers. The back of the Student’s Book contains peer review forms and a grammar reference section.
This book provides students with:
•Focus on particular aspects of paragraph writing, such as topics, style and development
•Writing support to help them with brainstorming, organizing ideas, writing topic sentences and supporting their ideas
•Language support to help them with vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
•Guidance on reviewing their own and their classmates’ writing in order to make revisions
•Structured, graded writing assignments at the end of each unit.
Paragraph Writing includes 12 units and additional materials.
Teacher's guide supports the instructor by offering teaching suggestions, a discussion of marking and grading writing, ideas for supplemental activities for each unit, and answers to exercises in the student book.

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