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Oxford Dictionary Of Shakespeare (Reissue)

Oxford Dictionary Of Shakespeare (Reissue)

Автор/составитель: Stanley Wells
Издательство: Oxford University Press

- Written by one of the best known authorities on Shakespeare, Professor Stanley Wells
- Covers all Shakespeare's work, and includes entries on actors, directors, composers and theatres connected with Shakespeare
-... дальше » Includes box entries containing passages on Shakespeare by famous authors including Dr Samuel Johnson, Jane Austen and Bernard Levin
- Invaluable reference for students, actors, directors, and anyone with a general interest in the life and works of Britain's most famous playwright

New to this edition
- Information about the Globe Theatre in London.

Compiled by the general editor of The Oxford Shakespeare , and one of the best-known authorities on the playwright's works, this dictionary offers information on all aspects of Shakespeare, both in his own time and in later ages.

The wide-ranging entries cover Shakespeare's plays, as well as everything from famous actors, writers, and directors connected with Shakespeare, to theatres, historical figures and places of particular interest relating to his life and work. The dictionary also includes box features of passages on Shakespeare by other famous authors, from Dr Johnson and Jane Austin to Bernard Levin and Virginia Woolf.

Ideal reference for the student, actor, or director, and fascinating browsing for the general reader interested in Shakespeare's life and work.
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