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Blueprint Two Workbook

Blueprint Two Workbook

Авторы/составители: Abbs Brian, Freebairn Ingrid
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: Blueprint Series

"Blueprint Two" is a course for young adult and adult students of English. It is suitable for complete beginners and for those who already have some knowledge of the language, and provides between 90 and 120 hours of work. It is designed to help students to become confident in speaking and understanding simple English. It gives them a formalized knowledge of how English works to support their communicative practice and at the same time aims to develop good learning habits and techniques which students need both in class and when studying on their own. "Blueprint Two" consists of a students' book, teacher's book, workbook, student cassette and set of two class cassettes. It builds on the foundation of skills and confidence established in "Blueprint One", with an increased emphasis on the development of reading and writing techniques. This workbook comprises 40 units of practice material, including speechwork and listening activities also included on the student cassette.

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