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English for International Tourism. Intermediate. Workbook

English for International Tourism. Intermediate. Workbook

Автор/составитель: Strutt Peter
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: English for International Tourism

English for International Tourism.
The multi-level series for students who need English for professional communication within the hotel and tourism industries.
• Explore some of the world's top tourist destinations with material taken from Dorling Kindersley's acclaimed Eyewitness Travel Guides.
• Bring the working world into the classroom with authentic material from companies within the tourism industry.
• Build confidence in working in English with effective communication strategies for workplace situations such as giving advice, taking bookings and dealing with complaints.
The Workbook reviews the language presented in the course, providing further practice and consolidation. It also features TOEIC style exercises which provide excellent preparation for the examination. A full answer key is included for self-study.

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