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Excellent Starter. Teacher's Guide

Excellent Starter. Teacher's Guide

Автор/составитель: Carol Skinner
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)

Excellent! is a four-level Primary English course that offers the right level of challenge to help pupils achieve real results. Pupils practise the four skills from the beginning through tasks set within a stimulating and meaningful context. In the Starter level language is introduced in a gradual way in order to build pupils' confidence and ensure success.
The Teacher's Guide provides:
• Clear step-by-step lesson notes, with tapescripts and answer keys.
• Lots of ideas for further practice activities.
• Six photocopiable tests.
• Twelve photocopiable activity sheets.
• Instructions for using the flashcards.
• Guidance on using the Alphabet and Handwriting Section for pupils new to the Roman alphabet.

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