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Focus on Grammar – 3Ed Advanced Course for Reference and Practice Student's Book

Focus on Grammar – 3Ed Advanced Course for Reference and Practice Student's Book

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Автор/составитель: Maurer Jay
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: Focus on Grammar

Each Student Book features:
Clear presentations and charts that make grammar easy to learn.
Creative activities that stimulate communication.
New high-interest readings that are rich in content.
From Grammar to Writing sections that build composition skills.
Review Tests to confirm progress and improve scores on standardized tests.
New Internet activities for individual, pair, or group work.
Other Focus on Grammar Course Components (Available Separately):
Workbook offers a wealth of additional exercises.
Audio CD provides opportunities for both task-based and extended listening.
CD-ROM software features contextualized, interactive activities for listening, reading, and writing practice... дальше ».
Teacher’s Manual includes numerous teaching tips, audioscripts for all recorded exercises, and a CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentations and blackline masters. Also includes Student Book Answer Key.
New Assessment Package for each lever features placement, diagnostic, and achievement tests; general proficiency tests; audio CD with scripts; and test-generating software with thousands of items to create class-appropriate tests.
Transparencies of all grammar charts in the Student Books help instructors point out important patterns and structures.
Test-generating CD-ROM allows teachers to create and customize tests quickly and easily, and is available alone or in the Assessment Package.
Companion Website provides students with grammar practice in new contexts through web-based exercises. For online work, see Focus on Grammar Interactive 5.
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