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Friends 1. Activity Book

Friends 1. Activity Book

Авторы/составители: Date Olivia, Lesnikowska Ela, Niedzwieska Kasia
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: Friends

Motivating, memorable and fun for young students.
- Dual entry flexibility. Friends is a flexible 4-level course with two entry points Starter for complete beginners and Level 1 for false beginners.
- Variety, humor, interest. Friends involves students with a variety of different contexts including humor, fiction, real-life and cross-culture.
- Consistently clear. Friends builds confidence with grammar and vocabulary taught in three clears steps presentation, comprehension and practice.
- Special skills sections. Culture, Reading and Skills Corners provide lots of practice in all four skills, with particular attention to reading. Skills strategy boxes give step-by-step guidance in skills development.
- Emphasis on vocabulary. Vocabulary is presented and practiced in lexical sets, making it easier to learn and remember.
- Support for everyone. Tests, projects, games and songs, plus a huge variety of support material provide for ALL your students' needs.

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