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Market Leader. Portfolio. Video Resourse Book. Business English

Market Leader. Portfolio. Video Resourse Book. Business English

Издательство: Pearson
Серия: Market Leader

Market Leader Portfolio consists of four separate films which illustrate themes and extend language introduced in the Market Leader Pre-lntermediate Course Book. They can be used independently or in support of the main course.
In Camera
Steve is on his way to an important job interview when he gets some advice from the most unusual place... The film looks at the language of job applications, at describing company activity and at key issues in online selling.
The Great ID
Hilary has a major presentation to prepare but time is running out and so is her confidence... The film examines what makes a successful presentation and how to sell innovative ideas. It also practises some of the language of business entertaining.
A Safe Bet
After 150 years Preston Valley Racecourse is facing bankruptcy. The management team bring in a consultant to help them, but the choice he presents is starker than they had expected... The language of marketing, planning and managing people is explored in this film.
World Business Update
In the form of a business TV magazine, this programme features three separate stories. The film provides examples of the language of conflict, business trends and product description.
This Video Resource Book contains:
• pre-viewing, while-viewing and after-viewing activities.
• discussion questions.
• video script of each film... дальше ».
• answer key.
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