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My First English Adventure 1. Teacher's Book

My First English Adventure 1. Teacher's Book

Авторы/составители: Musiol Mady, Villarroel Magaly
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: Disney

My First English Adventure 1 centres on the following objectives:
• To provide a motivating context in which learning English becomes a stimulating and enjoyable experience for children, thus meeting one of the principal aims... дальше » of this level, namely fostering a positive attitude towards the new language.
• Because affectivity plays a fundamental role in the acquisition of the new language, to involve the children emotionally through the use of characters, materials and activities and music that are both attractive and appropriate for their age.
• To stimulate the development of the children's social skills by presenting experiences that reflect situations that they are familiar with and that will encourage them to participate and play actively with their classmates. This in turn will contribute to their individual development and help them integrate into the group.
• To provide a global and significant learning experience in which the acquisition of the new language becomes an integral part of the overall process rather than solely an end product. In order to achieve this, the children's psychological characteristics have been taken into account. Favourite activities, games and motor exercises are valuable educational tools which contribute to the growth of their communicative skills and physical and social development.
• To stimulate the use of non-linguistic resources to show understanding and make oneself understood, for example, physical responses, artwork, miming and acting out, etc.
• To lay the foundations for future language acquisition through the use of natural language teaching.
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