New Discoveries. Student's Book 1

New Discoveries. Student's Book 1

Автор/составитель: Brian Abbs
Издательство: Pearson
Серия: New Discoveries

New Discoveries is an adaptation of the Discoveries series: the original material of the three part course is divided into four stages. The Grammar Practice is now incorporated into the Students' Book and tests are included in the Teacher's Book. New Discoveries allows appropriate progression and arrangement of material for a four year language course.
New Discoveries is:
- Lively.
A rich mix of lively, visually exciting and humorous material provides a continuous source of motivation and makes learning English an enjoyable experience.
- Relevant.
Up to date and varied topics offer plenty of opportunity for students to talk and write about themselves and their interests.
- Clearly focused.
Each lesson has a clear learning focus. Every fifth lesson revises and expands on language items learnt in the previous four and includes summaries of those items.
- Communicative and systematic.
A carefully contextualised and graded sequence of language structures and functions is designed to build communicative competence and confidence and to provide a sound understanding of the grammatical systems of English.
- Authentic.
Likeable characters in authentic British settings give an insight into British people and their way of life... дальше ».
New Discoveries components at each level:
- A Students' Book.
The full colour Students' Book contains stimulating and easy to teach lessons.
- An Activity Book.
Contains a wealth of additional practice material. The Students' Book and the Activity Book together provide material for approximately 90 hours' work.
- A Teacher's Book.
Provides step by step teaching notes, copious suggestions for further activities, and tapescripts for the listening activities and the speechwork.
- Set of 3 Cassettes.
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дата выпуска25 марта 1996 г. 
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