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Think Ahead to FCE (First Certificate in English) Workbook

Think Ahead to FCE (First Certificate in English) Workbook

Авторы/составители: Page Jeremy, Naunton Jon
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)

As a lead-in to preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate examination, "Think Ahead to First Certificate" offers intermediate students following general communicative courses a bridge to the accuracy required for FCE, particularly in the areas of structure, vocabulary and writing skills. The course combines high-interest texts with a clear focus on skills and vocabulary building. A reference section encourages students to use the language they have acquired to create their own reference source for prepositions, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, functions and grammar. "Think Ahead to First Certificate" has been designed to be used independently of, or as a lead-in to, its companion title, "Think First Certificate". The workbook provides additional practice and consolidation of the language and skills introduced in the coursebook. It also aims to develop students' independent study skills by encouraging them to build up their own study reference source as they progress through the material. The workbook material is flexible and can be used for additional classroom practice or for homework.

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