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Objetivo Dele Escolar A2-B1. Student Book

Objetivo Dele Escolar A2-B1. Student Book

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Авторы/составители: Castromil Javier Diaz, Gil-Merino Laura
Издательство: SGEL
Серия: DELE

This resource will help students prepare for the DELE Escolar A2-B1 exam. Students that pass this exam can either attain an official qualification at either level A2 or B1 of the CEFR, depending on their overall mark. It includes 6 complete mock tests which are modelled on the official DELE exams prepared by the Instituto Cervantes. In addition to this, the book offers general advice and suggests stragegies for effectively carrying out the tasks in the DELE exam. Answers with detailed explanations and grammatical clarifications can be found at the end of each mock test. Transcripts to all the audio content are located at the back of the book.

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