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World Class 3 Teacher’s Book

World Class 3 Teacher’s Book

Авторы/составители: Michael Harris, Mower David, McCann Paul
Издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
Серия: World Class

"World Class" is a three-stage course for secondary students who have already studied at least two years of primary English. The course takes students from elementary through to upper-intermediate level. Each stage provides 90-100 classroom lessons and there are 6 modules, 48 lessons in total. Each level consists of a student's book, activity book, teacher's book and a class cassette. The use of theme-based modules enables a combination of facts about the real world with elements of fantasy and fun. Students can explore the themes and relate them to their own lives. Each lesson has a different format and focus, and there is a great variety of texts, topics and activities. An emphasis on skills work gives students the opportunity to develop fluency. Active language-focus sections motivate students to discover for themselves how the language works. Each module concludes with a comprehensive revision of language items presented in previous seven lessons. Language games, puzzles and quizzes are included to provide fun and relaxation in the classroom. This teacher's book contains an introduction to the methodology, step-by-step lesson notes, background notes on the topics, notes on possible language problems, suggestions for extra activities, photocopiable assessment tasks, answer keys and tapescripts.

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