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Un Paseo Por La Historia: El amanecer de Hispania

Un Paseo Por La Historia: El amanecer de Hispania

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Автор/составитель: Sanchez S.R.
Издательство: Edelsa

"Un paseo por la historia" takes an innovative step by combining the theory of graded readers and the history of Spain to create a voyage where the reader not only improves their Spanish with each book but also their knowledge of Spain.The titles are presented chronologically although the books do not have to be read in sequence as each one contains a brief historical presentation to place the reader in the correct context. Starting with "El amanecer de Hispania", the first chapter recounts the conquest of Carthage and from here Spain's own individual journey is recalled along with the help of notes to support comprehension and a glossary in which the translations of words can be written in.

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