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Succeed in Learning Chinese in 30 days

Succeed in Learning Chinese in 30 days

Дополнительно: + DVD
Автор/составитель: Wang Weiqian
Издательство: Sinolingua

Sense Chinese is a set of Chinese language textbooks catering to English, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese learners which will help learners understand and use everyday Chinese in just 30 days. Sense Chinese has been developed by Overseas Chinese Union Park in the USA and UK, and is based on the ex- perience of American-born Chinese children and overseas students learning Chinese. It takes 5 years to finish a Chinese language program in the States. Sense Chinese comprehensively improves the voice and action teaching methodology popular in the U.S, and applies this methodology to Chinese learning. It creates an idiomatic and true simulation of a Chinese learning environment, and it gives the students everyday training directly in Chinese, culti- vates a natural sense of the language and improves the students comprehensive Chinese capabilities. This book includes: Illustrative sentences for everyday use to enable learners to communicate in many different situations. Basic words, practical illustrative sentences and daily practice activities . Scene illustrations to help students learn Chinese in a simulated live language environment. Accompanying CD to give students a more in depth understanding of the book. Annotations of different language editions for students of different native languages.

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