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The Way We Communicate Volume II

The Way We Communicate Volume II

Автор/составитель: Zhenya Xu
Издательство: Sinolingua

For non-Chinese speakers, especially westerners with different cultural background, communicating with Chinese people requires not only language skills, but also an understanding of Chinese culture, customs, social life, business etiquettes and much more. "Ask the custom when entering a country" is another illustration of how we determine what to say and do in certain situations.
Each chapter in this book is made up of three sections. The first section contains scenarios one may encounter due to cultural differences, e.g., a state of confusion, misunderstanding or conflict. The second section is cultural tips. The third section provides some useful expressions.
This book is characteristic of its witty and interesting scenarios, simplified knowledge of some complicated cultural background, rich and colorful expressions. It's like a handy textbook combined with novelty and humor.

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Languages: English, Chinese.
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