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Orpheus Descending. Reader

Orpheus Descending. Reader

Автор/составитель: Dooley Jenny
Издательство: Express Publishing
Серия: Readers

When Orpheus looked inside, he saw that he was standing in front of a river with fire burning on its surface. There was an old man there with wild white hair, standing next to a boat. He was looking down at the water, and Orpheus thought he saw the reflection of the fire in the man's eyes, but when the man turned to look at him Orpheus saw that his eyes were made of fire. Finally, he had met Charon the Ferryman. "No money was put upon your lips on the day you were buried, so I will not take you across the River Styx." "But I did not die. I only came here to talk to Pluton and Persephone. I want to ..."

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