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New Headway Upper-Intermediate (Student`s Book)

New Headway Upper-Intermediate (Student`s Book)

Авторы/составители: Soars Liz, Soars John
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: New Headway
Входит в УМК : New Headway Upper-Intermediate Third Edition

The Upper-Intermediate level brought right up-to-date, with new topics, new features, and a revised syllabus which all aid real progress.

- Vital core grammar consolidated and expanded in exploratory Language Focus sections.
- New texts from a variety of sources provide the rich vocabulary input that learners need at this level.
- New listening material exposes learners to wide-ranging examples of real spoken English.
- New sections, the Music of English and Spoken English, highlight stress and intonation patterns and focus on features of informal spoken English to help learners boost their command.
- Hot words and Hot verbs present and practise vital collocations.
- New topics with international appeal deal with up-to-date issues that will engage learners.

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