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Fundamentals of cavitation treatment of multi-component environments

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Fundamentals of cavitation treatment of multi-component environments

Авторы/составители: Кулагин В.А., Кулагина Л.В., Фенг Ченг Л.
Издательство: Русайнс

The lectures is devoted to theoretical basis of cavitational technologies. Much attention is given to phenomenological and mathematical models of cavitational influence on multi-components environments (emulsions, suspensions, water systems, etc), as well as methods for calculating the supercavitational equipment. Technological application in heat-and-power engineering, constructing, agriculture, transportation, nanotechnologies is proposed. The present lectures gives valuable information on supercavitational equipment structure, which was used in various branches of industry. The energy effectiveness and ecological safety of technological processes, formed on cavitational effects, and availability of further investigation is shown. Innovative research outcomes for desalination of underground and sea water, as well as conditioning of industrial and waste water in production and reuse of sewage in closed water supply systems are presented in the lectures. Facts and statistics on the cavitation technology application for various branches of industry: construction industry, energy, engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc.Intended for students in the specialty 01.02.05 – “Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma” (PhD) and also can be useful for students studying in the programmes “Technosphere Safety”, "Thermal Engineering and Heat power ", etc.

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