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Heads Up Psychology

Heads Up Psychology

Издательство: Dorling Kindersley

Understand psychology's big ideas, from psychoanalysis to cognition THE BOOK Understand psychology's big ideas, from psychoanalysis to cognition "What do dreams mean?" "How do I fit in?" You can learn more about some of the possible answers to these and many other questions in the world of psychology. Heads Up Psychology introduces you to Freud, Maslow, Pavlov and other psychologists, using questions and answers to show how psychology is related to real life. Psychology is all around us, influencing emotions, motivation and personality. Want the big ideas broken down and explained? Heads Up Psychology uses witty graphics to make it easy to engage with psychology's big concepts, including psychoanalysis, intelligence and mental disorders. This introduction to psychology clearly explains psychological theories to answer the questions that you care about in everyday life, such as "Why do good people do bad things?" Heads Up Psychology also includes 'real world' feature boxes showing the influence of psychology in all areas of life and 'case study' panels that describe ground - breaking experiments. Heads Up Psychology is perfect for anyone looking for the real-life relevance of psychology.

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