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Tunnicliffe Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné

Tunnicliffe Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné

Авторы/составители: Meyrick Robert, Heuser Harry
Издательство: ACC Distribution

A farmer's son from Cheshire, Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe OBE RA (1901-1979) won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art in 1920. He went on to work in numerous media, his subject-matter British birds and other fauna, always depicted punctiliously and yet, unusually for the time, in their natural habitats. Renowned as the illustrator of the 1932 edition of Henry Williamson's Tarka the Otter and numerous Brooke Bond tea cards, Tunnicliffe lived on Anglesey for over thirty years. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1944 and a Royal Academician in 1954. This handsome catalogue raisonne of Tunnicliffe's c. 400 prints encompasses lavish illustrations and authoritative annotations by the printmaking experts Robert Meyrick and Harry Heuser.

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